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AlumierMD has a cleanser that is suitable for ever skin type and again has its promised clean science.  AlumierMD cleansers gently removes impurities, excess oils and makeup with natural cleansers, with the acne cleanser being a more deeper cleanse but equally is pH balanced, calms and hydrates the skin.


AlumierMD has an exfoliant that is suitable for ever skin type and again has its promised clean science. AlumierMD exfoliants do not contain and plastic microbeads, instead for their physical exfoliants they have natural occurring seed powders and microcrystalline cellulose, that are naturally biodegradable. Chemical exfoliants are natural enzymes found in fruits to slough off those dead skin cells.

Exfoliation is essential for removing dead skin cells that have adhered to the surface of the skin to brighten the skin and to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and to stop the accumulation of dead cells and oils causing spot and acne breakouts.

Serums and Antioxidants

AlumierMD has a vast array of serums suitable for all skin complaints and types. Serums contain a high concentration of active ingredients which mean they’re medical/ prescription grade that really work on the targeted issue in your skin. These can only be available from trained practioners and medical professionals. AlumierMD’s serums can be layered to benefit you if you have more than one issue that needs attention.

Antioxidants such as vitamin C is essential to protect your skin from premature aging and aids in inflammation of angry and irritated skin. Free radicals in our environment and from the sun could change the skins DNA and potentially lead to cell changes such as melanoma. AlumierMD L-ascorbic acid at 15% is uniquely delivered into the skin to always stay optimally active for visible and reliable results.

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Retinol serums are the magic in skin care. Their job is to increase cell turn over, and cell turn over means that we speed up the natural process of sloughing of old cells and bringing the newer ones to the surface quicker. Retinols should be used only in the evening and washed off in the morning as retinol can speed up unhealthy cells too if they are present which are made worse by the suns UVA rays. I am very happy to discuss every aspect there is to know regarding retinol in your skin regime.
AlumierMD retinol is available in three strengths and are all encapsulated to ensure it is dispersed into the skin at a slow and controlled rate to minimise irritations and sensitivities.


AlumierMD has a moisturisers with active ingredient in for every skin condition. Most moisturisers are emollients that sit on the skin and despite its value on the price tag that is all it will do! Active ingredients mean that they will penetrate the surface of the skin and release its magic to the layers that require the changes to promote healthier skin change and regulate the moisture that the skin needs. Peptides provide the skin with ingredients to not only moisturise the skin but to increase its strength that in turn reduce the signs of aging. These are essential for patients with more mature skin due to the hormonal changes and reduced cell turnover.

Speciality Eye Products

The skin around the eyes is very different to the skin anywhere else on the face and body. That is why when we look in the mirror oue eye is drawn to this area. Skin is very thin in this area and is susceptible to the element and free radicals in the environment creating lax skin and fine lines and wrinkles. Our specialist eye serums have active ingredients suitable to this sensitive area, to reduce puffiness and magic ingredients such as tremella mushroom to brighten the dark circles!


AlumierMD range of broad-spectrum sunscreens only use physical sun blockers such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide that provide a SPF of 40+. Chemical sunscreens have been linked to hormonal changes within the body.
They have a sunscreen for all skin type, packed with antioxidants to keep those free radicals at bay and can come in clear or tinted that can be worn with or without your AlumierMD moisturiser!